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Project - 30 Redford Way

Project Location

30 Redford Way, Billericay, CM12 0DX

Scope of Works

▪ Identify key stakeholders and engage with party wall surveyors regarding an agreed methodology and controls to be implemented
▪ Demolition of steel framed structure adjacent to neighbouring commercial building
▪ Floor saw through the floor slab and cut through beams attached to retained structure
▪ Hand demolish section of building to create a physical gap between live building and demolition site
▪ Demolish rest of the building using traditional demolition methodology
▪ Removal of all sub structure elements including existing pile caps
▪ Crush all arising to a 6F5 aggregate and leave stockpiled on site
▪ Remove all remaining waste from site for recycling

Key Factors & Solutions

The key constraint for this project was the proximity to the neighbouring building. During the party wall discussions a full SEP was completed as part of the pre commencement activities.
The SEP identified that the adjoining structure were completing sensitive work and reducing noise and vibration was key to the operation of their business.

Noise, dust and vibration monitoring stations were installed around key elevations of the site.
These were monitored throughout the project with the results included within the SEP.

We developed a method which involved the cold cutting of the steel frame adjacent to the live building to ensure the risk of fire was minimised. By completing the cold cutting we also reduced likelihood of noise and vibration from being transferred through to the neighbouring building as this created a physical separation between the two buildings. The remaining building was then able to be demolished using traditional demolition methods.

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