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Soft Strip Solutions Performed by Professionals

Professional Soft Strip Demolition in North London, Romford & Nationwide

Soft strip demolition,often known as internal demolition or strip-out demolition, is the removal of all non-structural elements of a building, carried out as either part of a full demolition project or to prepare for remodelling and refurbishment.

Examples of strip-out demolition include the removal of non-supporting walls, partitions, ceilings, staircases, door frames and pipework, leaving just the shell of the structure in place.

The team here at M Brown Demolition Ltd can tackle all your soft strip demolition needs. Whether you require a soft strip solution for one floor or an entire building, we carry out the work with meticulous attention to detail, taking care to remove and dispose of any hazardous materials we encounter along the way.

Specialists in Soft Strip Demolition Who Put Safety First

No matter how big or small the project, strip-out demolition requires high levels of skills and expertise. We pride ourselves on our high standard of work and level of service, which our former customers can readily attest to.

From homes and shops to schools and hospitals, our team conduct a thorough assessment of the site, taking care not to compromise the structural integrity of the building.

Soft strip demolition can be risky, producing high levels of dust. However, we ensure our workers are supplied with full RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) and noise mufflers, allowing them to complete the project as safely and efficiently as possible.

What Are the Advantages of Soft Strip Demolition?

Strip-out demolition or internal demolition has several advantages:

Why Choose M Brown Demolition Ltd

There are several reasons customers turn to M Brown Demolition Ltd for all their demolition needs:

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